Obama Criticizes Trump But Does The Same Thing

Obama Criticizes Trump

Obama has largely stayed out of the presidential election this year, except for the occasional shots at the “circus” on the right, but not anymore.

Now that Donald is the presumptive nominee, Obama is being more direct with his punches. But does he have any ground to stand on?

When talking about Donald Trump, President Obama had this to say, “This is not entertainment; this is not a reality show.”

The statement is pretty funny coming from the president who went on “Between Two Fern” to promote Obamacare.

Obama has appeared on more TV and Internet interviews and shows than any other president in history. Not to mention Obama’s time on reality TV as well.

Right now Donald Trump is facing an uphill battle. The GOP establishment, the Democrats, the president and now even the secretary of state is taking shots and trying to stop Trump.

John Kerry, while giving the commencement address at Northeastern University made a joke at Donald’s expense. When referencing to the most diverse class in the school’s history, he called the diversity “Trump’s worst nightmare”.

If the President is right and being president is not entertainment and it is not a reality TV show and we should be serious, then he needs to lead by example.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.