Obama Caught In Another Lie About Iran Deal


When the world found out about the $400 million cash ransom to Iran last January, Obama lied to the American people about why it was cash.

August 4th, Obama tried to explain away the reason that his administration sent Iran $400 million in foreign cash.

“The reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with Iran that we couldn’t send them a check and could not wire the money.”

The truth is, we are learning now that America sent two wire transfers to Iran. One of the wire transfers happened before the ransom payment and one after.

In July of 2015, the same month that the Iran deal was announced, a wire payment was made from the U.S. to Iran for just under a million dollars. The payment was made to settle a claim over drawings in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and one over fossils at the Iran Ministry of Environment.

Just as recent as April of 2016, we sent a wire for close to nine million dollars, to clean up radioactive water.

It is clear that Obama lied about being able to send wire transfers.

The admission came from a Treasury Department spokesman over the weekend.

Being able to make the wire payments and paying in cash gives more credibility that it was a ransom payment in January.

Once again we are getting conflicting stories from the administration and now lies directly from Obama’s mouth.

The Iran deal is something that Obama had hoped would be part of a positive legacy he left on the world, but it is turning into a nightmare.

When campaigning over the weekend for Hillary at a fundraiser, nobody applauded his Iran deal according to Mark Landler, a White House correspondent.

With the Iranian military threatening our ships in the Persian Gulf and taking more hostages, the Iranian deal has become a full-blown disaster and maybe Trump is right in ending the deal on his first day in office.

What do you think? Should the next president end the Iranian deal?

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