Obama Bashes Trump, But Does It Matter?

Barack Obama
Your time in the sun is over, Barry... go home - and Stay Home!

Former president Barak Obama gave a speech at the University of Illinois attacking the president and blaming voters for being a “threat to our democracy.”

The 44th president is not sitting on the sidelines anymore. He is out campaigning for the Democrats and trying to help them win back the House and maybe the Senate.

During his speech, he seemed to forget that after eight years of an Obama White House, Americans wanted something radically different. They were so ready for a change, they voted for Donald Trump.

Obama blamed the “powerful and the privileged” on the win of Donald Trump. He isn’t assuming any of the blame himself. He isn’t taking into account that the Democratic Party sunk the chances of Bernie Sanders to put Hillary as their candidate.

The speech was just a long Trump bashing session, with some jokes and motivational quotes mixed in. Less than two years after leaving the White House, Obama is looking like he is campaigning again.

See the full speech below.

President Obama isn’t being realistic. Then again, he has never been realistic when it comes to Donald Trump. Remember this? First he slams Trump for questioning the “rigged” elections then the reading of the mean tweet.

Two years later and it is the Democrats that are questioning the election and Trump is president.

It looks as if Obama is just angry. He is mad that Trump is president. He’s probably infuriated that it is Trump that can remove some of the work that Obama did in the White House and erode at the former president’s legacy.

Remember when Obama worked so hard to get America to join the Paris Climate accord? All that work was erased by Trump.

The economy is booming and Trump is taking all the credit. That has to make Obama mad a little bit.

If the speech in Illinois shows us anything, it is that Obama is still a little bitter and he is not holding back. Expect Obama to do more appearances as he and the rest of the Democrats try to motivate voters to get out and vote in the midterms. We’ll see if it works.

Do you think Obama is helping or hurting the Democrats by attacking Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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