Obama Aide Admits His Administration Failed On North Korea

North Korea
These clowns should have been dealt with loooong ago...

In a recent interview with CNN, Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser to Obama, admitted that the three previous administrations miserably “failed” in thwarting North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. However, she refused to give President Trump ramps credit for taking the North Korea threat seriously.

“You can call it a failure,” she said. “I accept that characterization over the last two decades.” But, looking to the future, and to President Trump’s handling of the crisis, she acknowledged, “we now need to decide how to proceed” very carefully.

While talking to the press on Thursday in Bedminster, NJ, President Trump said that while he was still open to any talks with North Korean ruler Dictator Kim Jong Un, “they have been negotiating for 25 years” with nothing to show for it – but a nuclear North Korea.

“Look at Clinton,” Trump said, referring to Former President Bill Clinton. “He folded. He was weak and ineffective.”

After highlighting the fact that even former President George W. Bush failed to rein in the North Korean dictator, he said Obama didn’t even want to talk about it. But I talk,” he added. “It’s about time. Someone has to do it.”

Trump then issued a warning to Kim, stating that if he followed through with his plans to strike Guam, the US will respond with an “event the likes of which nobody’s seen before.”

“It’s not a dare,” the president said. “It’s a statement.”

Susan Rice believes that, “deterrence makes good sense,” and that it necessarily entails keeping military action on the table, but, she warned, “preemptive war, if one was thinking of executing that, would be catastrophic for the Korean peninsula.”

She also noted that the capital of South Korea, Seoul, has a population of 26 million, and more than 200,000 Americans also lived in the region.

However, if the dictator actually does strike Guam, “I have confidence that we have responses that are proportionate to the problem,” Rice said.

She ended her interview by saying that the American people need not worry, because, “We have and continue to refine advanced missile-defense capabilities to protect our allies and our homeland.”

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