No Wonder Everyone Is Calling It The “Clinton News Network”


During this election, CNN has heavily favored one candidate above all the rest. Can you guess who it is?

Hillary Clinton has dominated the CNN airwaves to the point it is ridiculous. Not only did she receive almost double the airtime as Bernie Sanders, but now the station is even covering for her.

It’s rare that you will hear a CNN reporter criticize Hillary, but that is exactly what happened when Brianna Keilar was reporting live from a Hillary speech in Illinois.

After breaking down the content of the speech delivered by Hillary, Brianna Keilar did what most reporters should, but rarely, do: she gave an honest critique of Hillary’s words.

Well at least we think she gave an honest criticism. CNN cut off their reporter and ended the live feed in the middle of Keilar talking. They can’t have anyone criticizing Hillary on the “Clinton News Network” can they?

Watch as CNN ended the broadcast as Brianna Keilar was starting to criticize the Clinton crime bill from the 90’s.

There was a time when CNN was respected as the pinnacle of cable news. That day has come and gone.

CNN doesn’t act like a news agency that has the goals of informing the public and delivering non-biased news. Instead it seems their goals are to get Hillary Clinton in the White House and to make sure the racial divide in this country grows.

When this reporter correctly started associating some of the racial divide in our country to the Clinton crime bill, she was cut off.

“And remember Hillary Clinton has some vulnerabilities herself. Even as she calls for criminal justice reform because of her support in the 1990s for anti-crime legislation that ultimately helped contribute to this era of mass incarceration that she now speaks out against…” Then the screen went black.

Well not totally black, there was the line “Clinton unloads on dangerous Trump over race”, but that was by accident right?

The feed picks back up in the studio and the anchor quickly wraps up the segment. Then what is the next story? “A powerful moment” from the son of Alton Sterling, the man shot by police in Louisiana last week who sparked national outrage.

Looks like CNN got their Clinton quota in for the hour so it was time to switch to the racial divide topic.

What do you think? Did CNN pull the plug on the Clinton criticizing reporter, or did they just have technical difficulties? Let us know in the comments below.

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.