No One Shows Up To Clinton “Speaking Tour”

Empty Room
What a crowd!

Hardly anyone showed up to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “speaking tour.”

On Tuesday night, the former President and the failed two-time presidential candidate took the stage for the first stop on their “An Evening with the Clintons” speaking tour, held at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena.

Unfortunately for them, the audience did not: a whopping 83.4% of the seats were empty.

According to the Daily Mail, just 3,300 tickets were sold for the event. Considering Scotiabank Arena holds 19,800, that means the Clintons were speaking to more than 16,000 empty seats. Even curtains erected to cut the stadium in half couldn’t disguise the abysmal turnout: the number of empty seats on the visible side still vastly outpaced the number of filled seats, according to pictures.

Even more embarassingly, scalpers were apparently desperate to unload tickets for the event–with one ticket on sale for just $6 moments before the Clintons took the stage. Tickets had started at about $40.

The Clintons have seen their stars dramatically fall over the past two years–after Hillary Clinton lost what was considered an easy win against President Donald Trump.

Hillary has been heavily criticized for refusing to go away, and even teasing another run in 2020. Bill’s also seen his reputation take a hit in the wake of the #MeToo movement–where even one-time allies, like Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), have turned on the former President.

The Clintons’ next event, in Montreal on Wednesday night, also shows a large number of tickets still available.

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