No Debate For You: Rand Paul Takes His Ball And Goes Home

rand paul

Kentucky Senator and Presidential hopeful Rand Paul didn’t make the cut for the upcoming GOP debate hosted by Fox Business.

The debate to take place on January 14th in Charleston, South Carolina, narrowed the field of contenders and is allowing only the top six candidates according to national polls.

Candidates who land in the top five in Iowa or New Hampshire polls will also be included.

Rand Paul is ranked seventh with a polling average of just 2.8%.

Jeb Bush’s failing campaign barely made the cut with 3.8% of the vote.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush will participate in the main event.

After being relegated to the “2nd Tier” stage, Rand Paul made the unilateral decision to not participate in the debate.

Sounding like a spoiled child, Rand, the son of Ron Paul, whined to CNN, “”We will not participate in anything that’s not first tier.”

“We do not think that anyone should be able to characterize our campaign as anything less than first tier,” Paul said. “We’ve raised $25 million. We’ll be on the ballot in every state and we just announced the other day we have 1,000 precinct chairs in Iowa.”

Given that the candidate has raised $25 million and has 1,000 volunteers in Iowa, Rand Paul should be doing far better in the polls.

Characterizing Rand Paul’s campaign as 2nd Tier or worse would be accurate given his inability to garner more support from the public despite his significant fundraising efforts.

Donald Trump has raised only $6 million yet remains the top candidate in the polls.

He likes hunting, dogs, and supports the troops at home and abroad.