NIH Gives 4 Million To Feminist Doctor For Outrageous Study

Feminist Doctor
The feminist outrage machine, besides being utterly unhinged from reality, is also massively expensive!

The latest study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), at a staggering cost of $4 million, claims that the existence of female clothing and female perfume are actively barring women from becoming cardiologists – heart doctors.

The NIH gave $4 million of your tax dollars to advance the feminist agenda, and produce a study titled “Women Are Less Likely Than Men to Be Full Professors in Cardiology: Why Does This Happen and How Can We Fix It?”

“Trivial amounts of information (eg, the male or female name or picture on an application) bring unbidden the stereotype to mind,” Carnes and co-author C. Noel Bairey Merz, the director of the Women’s Heart Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. “Once activated, these stereotypes disadvantage women being evaluated for or in top leadership/high-status/technical roles.”

According to the research paper, wearing perfume is particularly disadvantageous for female cardiologists. Furthermore, it also found that men who carry a stethoscope while wearing white lab coats “foster gender bias.”

“External primes for objectivity, such as wearing a white coat, carrying a stethoscope, or using honorific titles, could foster gender bias—however unintentionally or unwittingly—in judgments about equally performing men and women that would advantage men,” according to the paper.

Additionally, the paper has concluded that men who are tall have an added advantage of becoming leaders in the field of cardiology. As, according to the Feminist Agenda, the academic an workplace accomplishments of top cardiologists have nothing to do with their success at all – its just about their gender.

“Information that may strongly trigger female-gendered assumptions, such as motherhood, attractiveness, perfume, or feminine attire, can further disadvantage women, just as being tall implicitly advantages men in their rise toward leadership,” the inflammatory paper claims.

Furthermore, the study claims that female medical personnel, and doctors are crippled by fear when performing CPR, for fear that performing CPR is not a feminine activity. “Social reprisals invariably follow behaviors that stray from female gender norms… This internalized ‘fear of backlash’ was expressed by the female residents in describing their experiences leading cardiopulmonary resuscitative (CPR) events.”

Bairey Merz and Carnes have recommended that job postings avoid using phrases such as “charismatic leader,” are sexist and are biased against women. In essence, these feminists are arguing that women can never be charismatic leaders – isn’t that sexist?

“The words and descriptors we use can reinforce and transmit gender stereotypes,” they write. “Abstract words that trigger a male gender stereotype will favor male applicants.”

Their suggestions also include recommendations on various interventions that can be performed in medical departments to slacken medical standards, and promote equality rather than excellence.

While the paper was funded primarily by the NIH research, Bairey Merz is also the recipient of funds from the Barbra Streisand Women’s Cardiovascular Research and Education Program.

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