New Video Proves Government Gunned Down Oregon Protester

Oregon Protester

On January 26th, the spokesman for the protesters occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Robert LaVoy Finicum was gunned down by government authorities.

At the time, the FBI had released drone footage of the incident that showed little of the event in detail, leaving speculation behind the murder and a storyline from the government that LaVoy had reached for his gun, posing a threat to authorities.

A new video that has been leaked shows that was a complete lie.

Footage from inside of the truck, taken by a passenger tells the true story . . . one which should outrage most Americans.

After leaving a traffic stop without posing a threat to the government, LaVoy drove down the highway until and veered off of the road when government agents opened fire on him and the other occupants of the vehicle.

The gunshots can be clearly heard as the truck approached the roadblock.

LaVoy immediately exited the truck as he was being fired upon.

In the drone footage (that had no sound), it appeared that Finicum had either stumbled in the snow or had reached for a firearm in his coat.

The new footage proves that he was being fired upon the entire time as his hands were in the air.

Earlier this week, the FBI announced that it was investigating its own agents for lying about the shooting then recruiting four others to cover up the murder.

Previously, the government stated that the one-sided shootout was conducted by Oregon State Police, however the FBI is now admitting that it was their own agents who murdered the father of eleven. The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team is now known to be part of the killing.

After Finicum was murdered, the government continued to fire on the remaining occupants, including a young woman who could be heard praying and pleading for her life.

While the mainstream media has managed to avoid coverage of the incident, the new video is undeniable and clearly shows bloodlust on the part of the government.

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