New Study Proves Bulk of New Jobs go to Immigrants

Americans lose jobs to immigrants

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) released a study showing that since 2007, two million immigrants have gained employment in the United States while employment for native-born Americans remains 1.5 million below pre-recession numbers.

“It is truly remarkable that since the 2007 recession, what net employment gains there have been went entirely to immigrants, while the number of native-born Americans working remains well below 2007 levels,” said Steven Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies Director of Research and author of a CIS report presenting the BLS data. “This raises the question of whether it makes sense to continue to admit so many legal immigrants as well as to allow most illegal immigrants to stay.”

CIS backed up its claims by encouraging “anyone with an internet connection” to confirm the findings on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Web site.

The group stated, “The BLS reports that 23.1 million adult (16-plus) immigrants (legal and illegal) were working in November 2007 and 25.1 million were working in November of this year — a two million increase. For natives, 124.01 million were working in November 2007 compared to 122.56 million in November 2014 — a 1.46 million decrease.”

Note that these employment numbers do not include undocumented immigrants who are working off of the government books. According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are 10.8 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.

President Obama is granting amnesty to at least 4.7 million of those immigrants.

Members of Congress have done little to stop Obama’s amnesty plan despite recent polls by Rasmussen showing that 50% of Americans oppose the move.

One credible effort exists to at least temporarily stop the granting of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Sheriff Joe Arpaio with his attorney, Larry Klayman, have filed suit to force a preliminary injunction on the matter.

The hearing is set for Monday in the District of Columbia.