The New Discrimination: Normal Need Not Apply

Gender Studies Professor
Imagine: 4 years of indoctrination, while being abused by professors for simply being normal, and functional - it'll turn you into the subject of these very studies!

The California State University-Long Beach (ULB) is currently looking to expand its faculty, and hire a number of tenure-track professors. However, they make it very clear – any professor who specializes in normal, laudable, and non-deviant subjects need not apply!

The department’s landing page also has a message reading, “As feminist scholars, we understand many of the Trump administration executive orders to be an assault on American values. Efforts to ban travel, deny scientific fact, to remove legal protections, eradicate funding, and attack the First Amendment erode our civil rights in unacceptable ways. We stand with the resistance movements, and are committed to do all that we can to create a more just society for ALL.”

The new hires will be charged with teaching an “intersectional curriculum” on subjects such as “trans studies” and “social movements.” The Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is also looking to add a professor “with expertise in the fluid and contingent nature of gender and sexuality.”

This faculty member would be teaching upper-level courses, focusing on the “trans methodology which articulates how transgender, transnationalism, and/or other possible critical iterations of ‘trans’ integrates analysis across established categories of gender, nation, race, and sexuality and highlights relationships among these categories.”

These also include existing courses such as “Queering Gender” and “Feminist and Queer Arts and Cultures.”

The job posting describes the ideal candidate as having degrees in “feminist transnationalism,” “trans feminism,” or “gender variant theories.”

The ULB women’s, gender, and sexuality studies department describes itself as asking “provocative questions,” adding that the “students who take our classes will find themselves smarter, and may experience a shift in consciousness.” That’s fancy marketing talk for “we specialize in liberal indoctrination.”

A new international studies professor is also being sought, with the position’s “broad research agenda”, which might include interesting topics such as “environmental racism and “indigenous movements for environmental justice.”

The scholarships of the social or behavioral scientist applicants should also emphasize the “international or global intersections of two or more of the following areas: Health, Social Change, Environment, and Social Diversity.”

Meanwhile, the political science department is also looking to add another theory professor to teach across their undergraduate and Master’s programs, who could be lecturing on the intersectionality and “queer theory in politics”, topics that the college considers “central to the discipline.”

The sociology department is also seeking a new lecturer, on the topic of –what else –  “social movements and intersectionality.” All of these positions have a starting work date of fall next year.

A full-time ULB education runs California residents between a $17,078 to $25,276 annually, depending on whether the student lives on campus.

The Core curriculum requirements further include credits in “human diversity,” with some 75 courses offered that “promote the understanding of diversity and encourage tolerance and acceptance of others.” I wonder if this appreciate of “Diversity” includes a fair and equal hearing for Conservative voices… Oh wait, I know the answer to that one!