N.C. Woman Sells Dead Mother At Garage Sale For $30

Garage Sale

When going to garage sales, you can normally get some great deals on things that you can’t get at your typical Wal-Mart. One North Carolina woman walked away from a garage sale with literally, more than she bargained for.

A woman saw a neighbor having a garage sale and decided to stop by and buy a deep freezer that was big enough to hold a person. She bought the freezer for only $30, but there was a catch.

The woman selling the freezer said that she couldn’t use it right away. She had promised the contents to a church for a project, and they would be by this week to collect. The freezer was sealed shut with duct tape.

She bought the freezer and had to have a lot of help to get it in the house, but the church never came. After three weeks the woman decided something wasn’t right. The freezer was running in the spare bedroom, but she was becoming suspicious.

Last week she decided to open the freezer and see what was inside that the church had not come to get. Kitty litter was the first thing the woman saw, and then she said, “I saw toes and a foot and ankle”.

Slamming the freezer shut she thought it might be a joke or fake, but then looked again and it was a dead body.

“My heart went into my throat,” the woman said to a local reporter.

This is where the story takes a turn for the weird.

Allegedly, the woman in the freezer was the mother of the woman who sold the freezer. The neighbor said she hadn’t seen the elderly woman since she had a stroke last fall.

What this looks like is that the woman died and the daughter needed the monthly checks that were coming in. Instead of burying her mother, she stuffed her in a freezer and sold her at a garage sale.

The police have confirmed the woman in the freezer died of natural causes. She was not murdered.

The police are being very quiet right now on the identity of the woman in the freezer, but the person who bought the freezer believes that the daughter didn’t tell anyone about her mother’s passing in order to keep the money.

The daughter has reportedly moved to West Virginia to visit her mother in a nursing home according to neighbors, and the police are looking to speak with her.

Speaking to WTVD, the woman who wants to stay anonymous said, “I think maybe the daughter was dependent on the mother’s check and didn’t know what else to do. I’m glad that I was the one who was chosen to be able to find her mother so that that poor woman can rest.”