Muslim Immigrant Decapitates 7-Year-Old Son In The US

Murdered Child
The 'Religion of Peace' strikes again - INHUMAN!

A Muslim woman in rural New York decapitated her 7-year-old son with a kitchen knife.

Police arrested Hanane Mouhibm, 36, a Moroccan national, after her son was found dead. She’s been charged with second-degree murder.

According to police in the town of Sweden, New York, they had received a call from Mouhib’s family claiming that she was suicidal, and armed with a knife. Police arrived on the scene, and ordered Mouhib to drop the knife. After she refused, they used pepper spray and a taser to disarm her.

Police then searched the house, where they found the decapitated body of her son, Abraham Cardenas, 7.

Court papers explain that Mouhib used the knife to stab her son in the upper back, and then cut his neck, severing his head.

Mouhib is currently being held in the county jail, without bail, facing charges of second-degree murder.