Museum Exhibit Allows Visitor’s To Kick Virgin Mary

virgin mary

A new museum exhibit actually invites guests to kick a virtual Virgin Mary, but what is the point of the art display?

In the very Christian Lutheran nation of Estonia, a museum has opened that invites the visitors to kick and shatter at virtual image of the Virgin Mary.

After the mother of Jesus is shattered, the words “reformation” appear.

The exhibit is to honor the Protestant Reformation when Martin Luther nailed the 95 Thesis to the door of a Catholic Church.

Lutherans separated from the Catholic Church in 1571 and this art exhibit tries to focus in on that moment.

The display seems more of a protest against the Catholic Church than an artistic representation of history.

The Lutheran Church acknowledges the Virgin Mary, but they don’t hold her up as high as the Catholic Church. They still respect the mother of Jesus and would never want to kick the woman.

It is unlikely the exhibit will become a permanent exhibit and local church leaders on both sides are fighting the display because it is offensive to all Christians.

Hopefully we won’t see this display come to America. Does kicking the Virgin Mary offend you? Let us know in the comments below.