MTV Runs from Their White Guilt Video

They grew up in a nation where racial discrimination was almost exclusively found in history books and movies. Yet following eight years under the administration of the first African American president, Millennials have shifted nearly all of their focus to identity politics.

An outlet of teenage angst since 1981, the cable station, MTV has channeled the feelings, fears and fun of youth in America.

Today, the network is profiting off of identity politics as they cater to white male bashing diatribes like the one released this week titled, “White Guy Resolutions 2017,” where a multi-cultural mix of teens expressed their wishes of what “white guys” will and will not do during the new year.

Well, at least MTV tried to profit. After only 48 hours after posting the video, MTV News has deleted it following backlash.

Watch the deleted video above as . . . nothing is deleted from the Internet.

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