MSNBC Urges Republicans To Commit Suicide


An MSNBC contributor is facing criticism… after urging Republicans to commit suicide.

Sam Seder claimed that “suicide may be the only option” for Republicans, due to their support for President Donald Trump.

Seder appeared on MSNBC’s “All In,” where he discussed whether or not Republicans should abandon President Trump.

“I think the [Rep. Jim] Himes calculation is correct, right? They will abandon him if and when it’s political peril,” said host Chris Hayes. “The question is at what point that would be the case. Again, they’re underwater.”

“When you look at the map, right? You look at where Trump went into those red states and he helped,” Seder replied. “The problem is that the polarization is such that suicide may be the only option for a lot of these people. Honestly.”

Both Hayes and guest Jennifer Rubin laughed at Seder’s claim that Republicans should commit suicide. Hayes joked that it was already happening “in slow motion.”