Mohamad Killed After He Became A Soldier Of Islam

Soldier Of Islam

Mohamed Bouhlel drove a 20-ton truck into a highly crowded area of France’s paradise by the sea before being shot and killed by police.

Mohamed was a man that had no known connections to terror groups and wasn’t on the radar of any international watch-list. Mohamed was completely unknown before he killed 84 and left dozens injured.

Now we are starting to get to know the man named Mohamed Bouhlel.

Mohamed was a “soldier of Islam” and appears to have radicalized very quickly. CNN is reporting that it only took the killer four months to be radicalized, form a plan and execute that plan.

The man was a divorced father of three and neighbors described him as a “loner”.

His neighbors said he was depressed after he got a divorce with his wife two years ago. Many people that lived in the same building described him as rude and aggressive and very fond of women.

Mohamed used dating apps to find dates and at least one neighbor felt uncomfortable with his demeanor around young women.

Ironically, he was recently arrested for causing a traffic accident. He fell asleep during a delivery run he made as the driver and was taken into custody.

Mohamed was a career criminal and was arrested for assault with a weapon, domestic violence and threats and robbery. Despite his many arrests, he was never convicted on any terrorism related charge.

How he went from assault charges to killing 84 people on the street is still under investigation.

The investigators are also looking into accomplices. The police have arrested seven people in connection with the attack, but none have been charged currently.

We will learn a lot more about Mohamed and possible accomplices in the coming weeks, but right now it is important to remember the victims. 84 people died celebrating Bastille Day. (The French equivalent to America’s 4th of July)

84 more people died because of global terrorism the leaders of the United States seem too “politically correct” to stop it.

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