Missouri GOP Governor Caught In Affair

Gov Eric Greitens
What a scumbag!

A political earthquake hit the state of Missouri hard as the most anticipated Senate Elections are just around the corner.

The Republican Governor of the State was hit hard as he admitted to an extramarital affair he has had with his hairdresser bank in 2015. Eric Greitens admitted to the affair after the hairdresser’s husband stepped forth and gave a statement to a local news network, along with a secretly made recording of his then-wife to prove Greitens has been blackmailing her as he took a picture of her with a blindfold on, while her hands were bound too. The woman divorced had been divorced in 2016, and is not available to press for any comments or statements. The man is of the view that he is coming forth to reveal the person behind his failed marriage.

This shocking revelation was followed by calls for immediate stepping down of the governor and his resignation in the state by the Democrats and some of the Republicans fellows too. Though it is being clear that he would not be stepping down or resigning in the near future.

The past week, in an interview about the scandal, Greitens said that the story is fully fueled by rumors and lies, and that the affair was a consensual relationship, which had involved no blackmail, and no violence. He further debunked the rumor of the FBI opening an inquiry against him, and said that the FBI has not contacted anyone from his office and no one was called in for the interviews either. Greiten and his wife Sheena said that they had dealt with this deep personal mistake with privacy and honesty. She also asked “the media and those who wish to peddle gossip to stay away from me and my children.”

Though in major cases these scandals bring spice for the media and would have destroyed Republican chances, Josh Hawley is still working hard to make his ascend to run for the Senate seat, which is being emptied by Claire McCaskill.

“It’s never a good thing when the incumbent governor of your party is mired in scandal. It taints anybody with the letter R on the ballot, at least a little,” said Larry Sabato who is a political prognosticator and who is currently rating the Missouri race to be a great Toss-up.

“Greitens has an R next to his name but the hidden word there is ‘outsider,'” Sabato said. “I’d expect Hawley to be seen as credible when he says, ‘That’s the governor’s problem.’ He can express his distaste and move on.”

Sabato further added that the Hawley’s ability to move on would majorly depend on if McCaskill, who has thus far been very quiet on Greiten’s story, would demand Hawley to take a stand on whether or not he should resign as a governor.