Mika Meltdown: Understanding the Left’s Sexist Attack on Trump

Donald Trump
The left started the relentless attacks the second Trump started running as a Republican. Hmm, suspicious...

Yeah, he did it.  Donald Trump insulted Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski by saying she was “bleeding badly” from a face-lift.

CNN hosts and liberal leaders breathlessly rushed to the nearest microphone to scream “sexist!”

But looking at Trump’s lifelong behavior of battling anyone who bucks up to him, you are left with a long list of public insults and combative barbs – 337 to be exact in a list compiled by the New York Times (updated of course on June 29th of this year).

 The long list includes men, women, companies, entire nations, the Pope, religions, his own friends and appointees, the Super Bowl, Jeb Bush supporters and even the Air Force One.

Trump’s list of offenses is so significant, if you are not on it, you clearly haven’t made it.

Before his descent into politics, Trump’s most famous spat was with none other than Rosie O’Donnell himself.

When the public dog fight reached its height, a search shows few accusations of calling Trump a sexist for fighting back against Rotund Rosie.

Why?  Aside from O’Donnell mentally being a man, she is a large and ugly woman and therefore immune to sympathy from the liberal snowflakes who are quick to attack when a minority is put under pressure by a rich, white male.

But genetically she is still a woman and therefore it would be sexist to NOT defend Rosie from the attacks by Trump.

Yet she stood alone.

But when straight, blonde and stone-faced female political celebrity is attacked, the liberals were quick to throw around “misogyny” “chauvinism” and “sexism.”

But the true sexist are the liberals themselves.

Why does Mika rate a defense yet Rosie did not?  Because Rosie is ugly or do progressive sympathize with Mika because she is dumb enough to marry Joe Scarborough?

Regardless, the double standard is as evident as a Mika’s botox injections.

The progressive left needs to find a new line of attacks as their hypocrisy is setting a poor example for those who may choose to be offended in the future.

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