Migrant Caravan Enters Mexico And Could Be October Surprise

The Wall
It's not a wall... it's a DAM to keep the foreign tides from drowning our nation!

The migrant caravan that has thousands of people searching for a better life made its way into Mexico over the weekend. Thousands of people making their way north to the United States are now just a few weeks away and their arrival could coincide with the midterm elections.

With contested battles all over the country, one thing that could sway voters is a large threat of illegal immigrants on our southern border.

Trump’s wall talk during the 2016 got a lot of people behind him, and with the renewed threat of over 7,000 immigrants trying to cross illegally will play into the Republican’s favor.

The last thing that Democrats need right now is the country fearful of over 7,000 illegal immigrants that are trying to cross the southern border. That fear will translate into Republican votes.

Will the migrant wave stop the blue wave?

If the caravan makes it to the border right before elections, then a lot of news coverage will be dedicated to the immigrants and not the elections. More news about illegal immigration will help Republicans, especially along the southern border.

In Arizona, the Republicans hold a slight lead with McSally up 0.7%, according to Real Clear Politics. That number could swell as thousands of immigrants approach the boarder state.

Ted Cruz could get a boost in Texas as the migrants arrive.

The timing could be great for the Republicans and like they say in Washington, don’t let any good tragedy go to waste. Unfortunately all of the people in the caravan have become political fodder in their search for a better life.

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