Memo Proves Hillary Given Questions Early


When Hillary Clinton went on the Steve Harvey talk show back in February, the interview came across as unscripted television, but turned out to be different.

Hillary’s campaign worked closely with the staff on the Steve Harvey show to make sure Hillary knew the questions, and the format of the interview.

She knew everything to hit a home run during the special on Flint Michigan.

This isn’t the first time that interviewers give questions to Hillary ahead of time.

There are reports that a Fox reporter saw an NBC staffer give Hillary’s campaign manager the questions ahead of the first presidential debate. She seemed very confident during the debate.

The former Secretary of State looked to be comfortable with Steve Harvey in the same way. Now we know why.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained the emails of the back and forth between the show and the campaign.

Hillary came under some fire for her appearance, because she said that Bill Clinton always talked about watermelon. People only focused on race said she was pandering. She might be, make up your own mind.

Hillary Clinton is smart and making sure she has the questions ahead of time has served her well in the past. In most interviews, she agrees on the questions before the interview even starts.

We can only hope that the debate moderators don’t continue to give her the questions early.

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