Melania’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Melania Trump
The one women that all Feminists hate... just because she's a Republican.

A plane carrying First Lady Melania Trump was forced to make an emergency landing on Wednesday, after the plane filled with smoke.

Mrs. Trump was traveling on a short trip from Washington to Philadelphia.

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, who was apparently also aboard the flight, took to Twitter to describe exactly what happened:

“During flight about ten minutes after takeoff, we saw a few Secret Service Officers hop up from in front of us and head toward the front of the plane,” she wrote. “A few moments later we could see a thin haze of smoke and smell something burning. The smell quickly became stronger.”

“Press was brought wet towels and told to hold them over our faces if the smell became too strong,” Collins added. “One of the crew members told me it was from ‘a malfunctioning comms unit’ that had overheated, but the White House has not confirmed that for me. Within minutes, the smoke cleared and the smell slowly began to dissipate.”

The plane returned to Washington and landed safely at Andrews Air Force Base in suburban Maryland. No injuries have been reported.

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