Meet the Brain Children Who Want Trump Dead

Raging Kid
Aren't you too young to be on Twitter, little Timmy?

Political discourse seems to be always heated regardless of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but with the rise of Donald Trump, discourse has turned into openly unchecked hate among some Americans . . . especially our youth.

Given the media’s fawning over David Hogg and other children who are using social media to strip away citizen’s Second Amendment rights, it’s appropriate to call out other Gen Zers, Millennials and progressives who use social media to advocate the use of violence against the President of the United States.

Here goes . . .

Geoff James is no fan of Republicans and to his credit he didn’t call for Trump’s killing. Instead, Geoff dreams of the death of the people he believed put Trump into the White House:

Chaavanaa is a class act and when he’s not busy quoting Kanye West (that says enough) or posting romantic tweets like, “she the smoke to my high” and “she my orange chicken to my panda” he’s calling for the assassination of Trump. But this kid’s outlook on life is summed up in another tweet where he says, “It’s nice out who we robbing today” (you have to admit, that’s funny).

With Peter Rigby, we may have to cut him some slack. First, he may very well be half-retarded and second, he’s a Brit. But rather than just calling for Trump’s murder, he poses this question:

If you take a look at Amber 84’s twitter page, this poor girl clearly needs a boyfriend and her lack of companionship appears to be turning her a bit bitter with tweets like “there’s so many people who have done absolutely nothing wrong but I hate so much like something about you just pisses me off so much.” We hear you girl but let’s not ask people to kill the leader of the free world when you’re feeling sad:

Now Nigel Chamblin should know better. The New York real estate broker and principal of the Chamblin Group needs to watch his hashtags.

Maybe we don’t get Korean humor or the effeminate Jaci is a flat out gangster. When he’s not tweeting Spongebob memes and his love for Korean boy bands, he’s calling out the world to not just kill Donald Trump, but Mike Pence as well. That’s just mean. What did Pence do to anyone??

John Whiteside is flat out aaaannnngry. Not only does he want to make it a public service to assassinate the president, we’re pretty sure he threatened to kill Mitch McConnell. You be the judge:

That’ll do it for this week’s addition of “Who Wants to Kill Trump?” While Twitter is busy shadowbanning conservatives and libertarians, the Internet’s cream of the crop get to experience a lesson in truly free speech.

Comment below (but please don’t threaten to kill anyone or punch them in the ear).

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.