Marines Know How To Party

Massive Party
What a crazy party!

In a new report from the RAND Corporation that looked at tobacco, alcohol and sexual activities for all members of the armed forces and found that the Marines lead all other branches of the military.

The Marines are almost twice as likely to binge drink more than Air Force members, and almost 50% of Marines drink at alcoholic levels.

Marines also led the way for multiple sexual partners, sex without condoms, smokeless tobacco and cigarettes.

The numbers show that across the board, the Marines are more likely to be more sexually active, heavier drinkers and smokers than any other branch of the military.

At the same time, the Marines are more likely to see active duty than any other of the armed forces. Our nation has called on the Marines to do our dirty work, and it comes with a cost.

These are the same Marines that drink cobra blood.

With such high levels of substance abuse, it could point to a larger problem happening on our bases. These are the men and women that fight to protect our nation and if they have to drown their sorrows in alcohol to do their job, then maybe we have been asking too much of them. It is the responsibility of our nation to protect those that protect us.

The RAND report shows us that not all military branches are as wild as the Marines, but what it doesn’t show is how we can help bring those numbers down in the future and provide a better working environment for our most valuable branch of the armed forces.

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