Many In LA Hate Trump’s Idea To Build A Wall… But Build Their Own

Their Own Wall
A wall for me, but not for thee?

Just over a year ago, people in Los Angeles protested Trump’s immigration plan and desire to build a wall on the southern border. A year later, they are building their own walls.

LA businesses are having a hard time dealing with the incredible number of homeless in the city. Instead of finding ways to feed and shelter the growing number without homes, the local businesses have decided to put up fences to keep out over 25,000 homeless people.

The Guardian spoke to Jose’ Luis, a homeless man who said the businesses are putting up fences and “trying to get us to leave.” The problem is the fences are just moving the people further out on the sidewalk and leaving almost no room for pedestrians.

If you want an inside view of Skid Row and the homelessness in Los Angeles listen to Luke.

Homelessness is everywhere in LA and it is truly and epidemic. Los Angeles is also home to many of the most vocal opponents to Donald Trump. It was in Los Angeles that his star on the Walk of Fame was destroyed.

The epidemic is also in the state where many wanted to succeed from the rest of the country.

Something needs to be done to fix the homelessness in LA. Maybe the mayor should focus on his city instead of telling us that we should impeach the president.

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