Man Arrested for Adultery, You’ll Never Guess Why


A bizarre case of animal cruelty has put a Washington man behind bars.

The married, 56 year old, James Allen Darland was caught by an online sting operation trying to “arrange for sexual liaisons with various farm animals in exchange for sex with his own personal dog”. Not making this up. He was trying to pimp out his dog in exchange to have sex with farm animals.

Darland contacted an undercover detective through a website and admitted to various acts of beastiality and asked to spend multiple days on the advertised ranch for the expressed purpose of having sex with the animals there. Included on the detective’s fake ranch were miniature horses, dogs, and goats.

A months long investigation culminated in Darland’s arrest on Monday of this week on the charge of conspiracy to commit beastiality, a Class 6 felony. The evidence collected left no doubt about his intentions. The married man confirmed his plans via phone calls, emails, even videos and actions witnessed by the detective.

Darland also copped to having sexual encounters on his route during his 23 year tenure working with a delivery company. Customer’s animals and strays were not safe from his predilections. He also admitted that he had been having relations with a neighbor’s horse, dogs, and sheep for an extended period of time.

The dog has been seized and will be evaluated for sexual abuse by the Arizona Humane Society. Things don’t look good for the dog being unscathed.

There is no good part of this story. The man was cheating on his wife with the neighborhood animals and even tried to prostitute his own dog. Only to get caught trying to plan a farm animal sex vacation in Arizona.

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