Male Gym Teacher Punished For REFUSING To Watch Young Girl Undress

Gym Teacher
I'd be as angry as that guy too...

A male gym teacher in Florida’s Pasco County School District has been punished… for refusing to watch a young girl—who, despite looking like a female, identifies as male—undress.

According to a complaint letter from Liberty Counsel to the school district, the gym teacher was reassigned to another school.

The letter describes the situation:

With a ‘gag order,’ school administrators forbade teachers from talking about the change, and ordered a male P.E. teacher to supervise the potentially undressed girl in the Chasco Middle School locker room,” the letter says. When he refused to ‘knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress,’ administrators told him ‘he will be transferred to another school as discipline for ‘not doing your job in the locker room.‘”

In addition, Liberty Counsel asserts that the student now allowed in the boys’ locker room caught “boys (literally) with their pants down, causing them embarrassment and concern by the fact that they had been observed changing by an obvious girl.”

The policy was adopted without notifying parents or students, and despite the complaint, the student is still using the boys’ locker room.

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