This Should Make All Americans Cry This Independence Day

Independence Day

Mark Dice has made a nice living by posting videos to YouTube and asking people to answer questions about America that most are too dumb to know.

Most of Mark’s videos are funny and make you laugh, but this one is embarrassing. This one hits home.

Mark Dice took to the boardwalks of San Diego to ask people of all ages and color questions about the Fourth of July.

Even the sad music in the background plays into the sadness felt when watching this video.

Young adults, grown men and women on the beaches of San Diego have no idea what country we declared our independence from and who our founding fathers are.

Thankfully two people at the end redeemed some faith in America, but this one is unbelievable.

If you watch closely you will know that Mark is getting frustrated at the answers and it doesn’t look staged at all. In the end, when one guy gave a correct answer, Mark Dice said, “we have been looking for someone like you all day”.

It seems the idiocy in the video is real and we as Americans should all be scared. Freedom could be easily lost on those that don’t remember.

This weekend, remember why our freedom and independence should be celebrated and have a safe and fun holiday weekend. Happy 4th of July.

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