Majority Of Americans Say Trump NOT At Fault For Shutdown

Police Brutality
Finally an incident where the phrase "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" actually applies... go figure, the MSM ignores.

Could the government shutdown already be backfiring on Democrats?

According to a new poll by Reuters, a majority of the country does NOT blame President Trump for the partial shutdown of the federal government.

53 percent blame someone else other than the President, or don’t know who to blame.

Among those, 33 percent blame Democrats in Congress, seven percent blame Republicans in Congress, and 13 percent are unsure who to blame.

47 percent of adults hold Trump responsible—a plurality of voters.

The shutdown was triggered by President Trump’s request to include $5 billion in the federal budget, to help jumpstart construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

That move was opposed by nearly every Democrat, along with a few Republicans—and, failing to pass a budget, the government partially shut down.

The government shutdown began on December 21, but the impact has so far been minimal due to weekends and the Christmas holiday. However, if the shutdown continues, it could cause problems for the 800,000 federal workers affected.

It’s predicted that the shutdown will drag into January—when Democrats will have taken control of the House of Representatives.

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