Local Governments Strapped by Rising Obamacare Costs


In a survey conducted by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, 45% of respondents cited “federal healthcare policy” as a top cost driver of health care increases for their workers and wards.

The increases, felt by most Americans are the result of the ironically named, “Affordable Healthcare Act,” known predominantly as Obamacare.

Of the 252 governments that took part in the survey, 57% were forced to increase cost sharing and place a greater burden on their employees to pay for increased premiums and costs.

Of the five top drivers for rising costs, four were related to the massive cost increases that are a direct result of Obamacare.

The fifth driver, “an aging workforce” was also a popular response for governments.

In order to control costs, local and state governments have already enacted extreme measures including funding and managing their own on-site clinics and programs.

One county in North Carolina event went so far as to transfer “offenders with extreme behavior problems” to mental health facilities, opening up rental space in their detention facility that was quickly filled by overcrowded community jails.

Since enacting Obamacare, premiums have sky-rocketed as much as 78.2% for some age groups.

Nationally, the average cost of health insurance has increased by double digits.