This Live Video Proves Unhealthy Addiction To Trump


The Democrats suffered an amazing and unforeseen loss to Donald Trump, and now their unhealthy obsession is dangerous for America.

Now that Donald Trump has won the presidency, the media and the left is doing whatever it can to bring down the president elect.

Have you ever seen a live video of elevators in a lobby?

C-SPAN isn’t only showing live feeds from the floor of the Capitol, they are also showing a live feed of the elevators at Trump Tower.

The obsession is real.

The press got mad at Trump for going to dinner without them last week, and now they are watching every move he makes.

Liberals don’t want to hold Trump accountable for his decisions, they want to end him and remove him from power.

Everything that Trump does, or any person that Trump brings into his administration is met with incredible scrutiny.

It is important to make sure we hold our leaders accountable, but what is happening to Trump isn’t helping.

In fact, if this continues, and there is no reason to believe it will stop, the obsession and scrutiny could distract from Donald Trump from actually doing his job.

The campaign is over, and now it is time to support our president and let him govern. Let him build his administration before trying to break it down.

If the Democrats, Progressives and liberals don’t find a way to get past this election and at least give Trump a chance, then we could really be heading for some tough times.

With the corporate media so focused on Trump, we are ignoring all the problems in our country that we can fix. We can’t blame Trump for everything, no matter how hard we try.

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