Little Tommy: The Kid Who Attacked Trump Has A Race Problem


You may live with one or have at least interacted with one at the drive through window of McDonalds.

They’re the Millennial Generation. The young whipper-snappers that are coming into adulthood.

Within this generation, there are two significant groups – those born into social media and those who were able to play “pong” on an Atari.

The differences are stark.

Those who grew up with Facebook, Twitter and even the near defunct MySpace share a cultural difference than the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers.

The experts who have studied this generation call it being “civic-minded.”

In reality, this generation reflects the timeline of their Facebook page. They are rosy and optimistic while others, especially the college aged, share the outrage that they see among others.

So when Black Lives Matter goes viral with outrage over whatever has set them off for the day, many Millennials – regardless of race – join in.

An example of this is seen with the recent incident at a Trump rally. A college student, Thomas Dimassimo, rushed the staged and attempted to pull Trump from the podium.

Thomas was at least raised a Christian, is well spoken and completing his college education . . . and he’s white.

Thomas’ mother was the transportation director for Cobb County in Georgia and his father is a teacher.

It’s a bit of a mystery why this 23 year old would post on his Twitter account that, “Saturday, im [sic] going to check my people and spit on their false king.”

Here are a few more of his social outbursts:

And here’s the young man in action in Georgia:

But just as Bruce Jenner self identifies as a butt-ugly woman, Tommy Dimassimo self identifies as a black kid from Brooklyn.

And his Trump attack was all due to his thinking that Donald Trump is provoking “white supremacist thoughts.”

But little Tommy is not alone. If you troll through social media, and even Dimassimo’s own accounts, you’ll find that his fans and friends include many young white males who see themselves as the protectors of minorities.

In essence they are bringing back the Civil Rights movement but have a lack of issues to be outraged about.

There are no longer segregated schools (unless through government mandates and bussing), actual, hard-evidenced discrimination is few and far between, and there’s a black man occupying the White House.

So rather than find real issues to address and fight, they cast a “racist” label on their closest form of opposition and go absolutely nuts.

While little Tommy is not representative of all Millennials, his actions are indicative of many of them . . . and together, as a group fueled by ignorant Tweets and Facebook posts, they create an enemy where none exists.

If anything, they are bringing back racism.

Watch the CNN interview with Dimassimo here:

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.