Liberals Would Flip Out If Someone Did This To Hillary


Hypocrisy is the one thing that joins all Liberals together. They want to ban what they don’t agree with, but keep what they do agree with. It doesn’t matter how rude or offensive it is.

The most recent example of the liberal hypocrisy is the erection of five different nude statues of Donald Trump.

Life-sized naked replicas of Trump, but the images don’t include any testicles. The artist is trying to say that Trump has “no balls”.

The piece is less of an artistic expression and more of a crass attention grabbing effort.

The statues showed up in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Cleveland.

To Donald and his supporters the statue is not funny and rude, but you don’t see millions of people protesting and trying to remove the statue.

If an artist did the same thing to Hillary with sagging body parts and added “testicles” there would be offended liberals everywhere. They would tear down the statues, protest and prosecute the people who made them.

They would attack Trump for body shaming and feminists would be angry at the change on her body saying, “women don’t need balls, we are equal without them”.

It would be crazy, and you know it would be too!

A mural of Hillary Clinton in a bathing suit was criticized recently to the point the artist had to paint over it, and painted Hillary in a burka.

The artist is using a lose interpretation of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” story and titled his pieces “Emperor With No Balls”.

Liberals are laughing and sharing the images of a naked Trump with clever headlines like, “Naked Trump Erections In Five Cities”. It is a shame they don’t spend as much time researching Hillary Clinton as they do making fun of Donald Trump.

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