Liberals Very Confused As Trump Declares Himself A Nationalist

Donald Trump
Do you love YOUR nation more than you love "global interests"? Then you are a Nationalist <3 <3 <3

During a rally for Ted Cruz, Donald Trump announced he was a nationalist. Just to be clear, the term nationalist means a person who advocates political independence for a country.

Somehow the left thinks that means that he is a Nazi dictator. The things that the left are saying online about the president are appalling. With the response from the left you would think they are all globalists, but it just seems they don’t really know what they are talking about.

See some of the awful things that the left is posting on Twitter. All because most of the don’t understand what being a “nationalist” means.

One guy claims that we are “one step down the ultimate fascist path.”

Victoria thinks that being a nationalist means being a Nazi.

One man claims that the term “globalists” is a dog whistle for anti-Semites. Can’t it just mean people that want a unified global society?

One account on Twitter posted a tweet that compared Trump calling himself a nationalist to people like Hitler and Mussolini.

If you think those were bad, here is one poor soul who can’t get the quote rite and also believes Trump is a Hitler clone. Why didn’t Twitter block this tweet?

It is safe to say that ignorance is one our biggest problems in this country. Some on the left are so hateful toward the president that they will use whatever they can to attack him, even if that means making up new definitions for some words.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Trump is a Nazi because he is America first?

Let us know in the comments below.

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.