Liberals Saying “College is Mandatory” is Seriously Offensive


Liberals would have you believe that in a perfect world everyone is college educated. They want to use taxpayer money to fund universal tuition. They want everyone to walk across a stage in a cap and gown and get a degree in what makes them happy.

It seems nice, but here’s why that doesn’t work, for more reasons than money.

While presidential hopefuls trip over each other trying to win over swing states and the largest demographics of voters the left is working hard to alienate a big part of the population.

See, what they don’t see is that this country operates by the sweat and dedication of Americans who get their hands dirty every day. For every corporate corner office there are 100 trucks on the roads, lawn mowers running, tractors pulling, and brooms sweeping. There are mechanics under the hoods of the expensive cars that the few elite drive. There are hands washing and setting the hair of those whose paycheck gives them the luxury to call a $200 cut and color a necessity. There are childcare providers playing with the children of those who occupy board meetings and corporate retreats.

Most of America does not need a four year degree. Their problem is not just the dwindling power of the dollar and a tax structure that gives them a few bucks back a year. Their problem is the myth that the only way to “make it” is to go to college.

Meanwhile, current college graduates are facing obstacles to the American Dream. They are postponing buying homes, cars, and starting families because of student loans. The amount of graduates has flooded the job markets so positions are more competitive than ever and many are unemployed. Still we push children onto college.

Before they are even done maturing we tell them to have a plan and do stick to it. Earlier and earlier we train young students to prepare for a college education and a future that is getting less appealing. We teach them that only degree based jobs are worth having. We teach them over and over again that they are too good for anything else.

I was shocked to hear that a young man quit his job without any prospects because he thought that he was too good to load manure onto people’s trucks for minimum wage. It was not the bulk of his function either, just a part of a job that had other responsibilities. But this is the culture that the left is cultivating.

A big myth about illegal immigrants is that they are easy to employ. Restrictions on businesses have made it increasingly difficult to pay under the table and have undocumented workers. But they keep being used because no one is lining up to do the jobs. I’m not saying that is always the case, but it is more often than not.

The left is teaching our children that they are too good to get mechanic certifications, attend cosmetology school, get a commercial driver’s license, or really anything that would put them to real hard work. There are a lot of programs that take less than four years to complete. But the left would have us believe that these aren’t “real jobs”.

The good news is that because so many people are buying the lie that they need to go to college the amount of jobs available in industries like HVAC, electricity, cosmetology, child care, and hospitality are enormous. The Mike Rowe Works Foundation puts out scholarships for skilled work that cover certifications in things like welding and mechanics.

The left wants you to believe that college is the only answer and that it’s right to push your children towards it. But there are plenty of ways for anyone to have a rewarding career that don’t involve mountains of debt and them having to move back in with you.

Besides, don’t we want more good people who are okay getting their hands dirty more than stuffed shirts who are too good to mow their own lawn?

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.