Liberals Furious Over This Mother’s Response To Hate

Dana Loesch, syndicated radio personality and author, has been attacked in the media for the last few weeks after an ad was released wherein she voiced her support for the National Rifle Association (NRA). In the ad she makes points about how as a mother she feels more comfortable knowing how to use a weapon to protect her family and that the media does not show that side of gun ownership.

Groups have run to attack her appearance in the ad and one such attacker even edited the footage to make it look like she shot herself. But the hate has done nothing but fuel Loesch’s stance.

In a post from her website she talks about how she has been repeatedly threatened because of the NRA ad and her platform of Second Amendment rights. The “Hands Off My Gun” author wrote that the most violent comments and threats always come from anti-gun groups and people.

In fact, she comments that groups like Moms Demand and Everytown have never come out against the violent statements made by their members. She deftly acknowledges the irony of the most graphic threats and insults coming from the side claiming that guns take lives.

Loesch is not taking the abuse lying down. She has asked that her fans turn the hate against her into support for the Second Amendment and many have. Whether voicing support or donating to the NRA, a large group is standing behind Loesch and the right to gun ownership.

She is changing the conversation from being attacked to why gun rights are so important. Instead of playing the victim she is calling it like it is. Loesch has taken up a mantle not to defend herself but to defend gun rights. Her response to the hate video was an apt and pointed commentary on why she carries:

As for those who continue to threaten her, she says:

Dana Loesch has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with and much more than a pretty face in an NRA ad. The national conversation about gun rights needs to change and Loesch very well may have started the process by coming under fire herself.

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