Liberals Cry Victory After Giving Free Abortions to Illegal Teens

Pro-Life Protester
There is nothing that sums up modern Democrat's ideals better than "Taxpayer funded abortions for illegals"

Six Democrat appointed judges lifted the Trump Administration’s pro-life order, keeping a 17-yar-old illegal immigrant from receiving an abortion while in federal custody. Pro-abortion activists, Planned Parenthood fans, and Democrats (synonyms), hailed this as a massive victory – as this judicial precedent clears the way for even more taxpayer funded abortions.

On Tuesday, Washington, DC Appeals Court Judges passed a verdict ordering the border patrol detention facility to turn over the illegal to a local abortion facility in Texas. The America Civil Liberties Union applauded the action and tweeted, “Justice prevailed today for Jane Doe. She was able to get an abortion early this morning.”

The Trump Administration were successfully able to stay the initial ruling, but ultimately failed to convince the panel of judges, who voted 6-3, on party lines (based on who appointed them), to give the illegal a taxpayer funded abortion.

Pro-lifers are fuming over the decision, with Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life saying, “the partisan interests of abortion over a teenager’s true needs for help.” Using their age old and obsolete argument against the right to abort, pro-life activists are trying to enrage taxpayers. Pro-Life activist fear that the decision creates legal precedent for giving taxpayer funded abortions to, “any woman who happens to be on U.S. soil.”

Hawkins continued, “shame on Planned Parenthood and the ACLU for using this teenager to try and create Roe v. Wade 2.0 in the courts.”

Another prominent pro-life activist, Catherine Glenn Foster, President and CEO of Americans United for Life, described the situation as terribly “heartbreaking,” explaining that, “Americans do not want their hard-earned taxpayer dollars going to pay for or support elective abortions. And yet that is exactly what has happened today in Texas,” she said in a statement. “This is an appalling and unconscionable misuse of taxpayer dollars, and a violation of the principles of the Hyde Amendment. It threatens to conjure a so-called right to immediate abortion on demand from the U.S. Constitution,” she said.

Speaking on the behalf of all the pro-life activists, Marjorie Dannenfelser of The Susan B. Anthony List said, “We will continue to oppose all efforts to impose a so-called constitutional right to abortion and turn the United States into a sanctuary nation for abortion.”