Liberals Bash Trump For Visiting Louisiana, Then This Happened


Trump was the only on of the “four” presidential candidates to visit the state of Louisiana after disastrous flooding and the media attacked him for it.

Donald Trump took a tractor-trailer full of supplies and headed down to Louisiana to let the people of Baton Rouge know that he cared. Liberals didn’t take it that way.

The governor said it was a photo-op and liberals on social media attacked Trump for going to the area when the governor asked the president to not visit for a week.

The attacks were relentless, but the fact is, Donald was the only one to show up. Hillary Clinton took off four days, Obama was on vacation and Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were nowhere to be found.

At the end of the day, Trump’s visit did help and people who are actually in Louisiana, democrats and republicans are now praising him.

Even the democrat governor has had a change of heart.

Not only did Donald bring supplies and donate $100,000 to a local church, he has also “shamed” president Obama into taking a trip south tomorrow.

Trump has made a conscious decision to really look and act more presidential lately and he is pulling it off, and the people of Louisiana thank him!

Hopefully he can just keep from saying something stupid for the next couple of months.

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Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.