Liberal Congressman’s Perverted “Lawmaking” Accidentally Exposed

Pervert Alert
Uh, I'm gonna need some time alone to study this "law" more in depth.

Rhode Island Democratic Rep. Ramon Perez, publicly admitted that he gave his colleagues a Wikipedia document by accident, which showed screenshots of web browser tabs with pornographic websites open.

Last Wednesday, Perez provided the House Finance Committee members, printed handouts of the article to back his push to get the bill passed.

While no images, pornographic or of the websites, were seen, the Providence Journal reported that the document showed multiple browser tabs, showing that offensive websites were still open. A reference to teenagers, and the word “MILF” could be clearly seen in the screenshot.

Perez, however, spoke to Providence Journal, and said that he is “not a pervert.”

“I made a big mistake of trusting too much in people,” he said. “I know people in here don’t believe me. They say that’s the excuse everybody makes. But I think it is a possibility because I don’t check that page … that stupid page.”

Furthermore, Perez also admitted his mistake to a local news station, saying he was “extremely” embarrassed. However, he went on to clear his position, claiming that the document was given to him by a friend whom he had asked to research on the information he was looking for.

Members of the House Finance Committee saw the browser tabs as soon as they received the document, however, a clerk recalled the docs immediately. Perez told the news station that he submitted a fresh, clean document the very next day.

“Now I think everyone is looking at me differently,” Perez told WPRI about the incident. “I have never dealt with a situation like this before.”

Last Friday, Perez posted on Facebook, claiming that the whole incident was an oversight. He then deleted his account.