Leftist Media Rallies To Defend Violent Hispanic Gang From Deportation

Hispanic Gangs
"How do we destroy America? we can't flood them with jihadis, like we are in Europe.... Wait, I have the perfect Idea!" - George Soros

While reporting President Trump’s crackdown on illegals, progressive media outlets appear to be defending drug and human trafficking gangs across California, including the notoriously bloody MS-13 gang.

On Friday, in a speech to law enforcement, the president pledged to put an end to MS-13, saying its members are “animals.”

“[MS-13 has] transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields. They’re animals. We cannot tolerate as a society the spilling of innocent, young, wonderful vibrant people,” Trump said.

Fox News reported that a number of left-leaning news sources criticized Trump’s speech, calling it treacherous and insensitive, while some even went as far to say that MS-13 wasn’t as bad as being reported.

According to CNN’s report on Friday titled, “MS-13 members: Trump makes the gang stronger,” Trump’s hardline policies of tackling illegal immigration are dissuading illegals from reporting crimes, thus making MS-13 stronger.

Long Island coordinator for immigration group Make the Road, Walter Barrientos, while speaking to CNN, said that the fear of being deported is helping MS-13 commit crimes with impunity.

“I think it’s emboldening them, because this gives them the opportunity to tell immigrants, ‘What are you gonna do? Are you going to report us? They’re deporting other innocent people … (so) they’re going to associate you with us by you coming forward,’” Barrientos said.

However, the Administration points out that MS-13 mostly consists of recruits from illegal immigrant populations here within the United States. Hence, Trump has requested almost 10,000 additional ICE officers and the approval of more legislation like Kate’s Law to shut down all illegal paths into this nation. They argue that shutting down the flow of illegals is absolutely key to a successful anti-gang strategy.

Another progressive outlet, Vox, also reported on Friday, twisting the president’s words about the violent MS-13 gang. This Fake News organization claimed that Trump’s speech was giving so called “white supremacists” more license  to be aggressive and violent towards immigrants.

An excerpt from the report read:

“Trump’s rhetoric isn’t dangerous because it’s likely to become federal policy. There’s not going to be a directive ordering federal law enforcement officers to slam suspects’ heads into car doors during arrests…  It’s dangerous because, at best, it successfully communicates to law enforcement agents that their moral superiority to the “animals” they apprehend justifies or even mandates violence. At worst, it communicates that message more broadly to the most fervent of the white supremacists who number among the president’s supporters.”

It is no surprise that democrats and progressives are rallying to defend the violent murders and rapists of MS-13, after all, these violent, criminal illegals are the core of the democrats voting base.