Kid Discovers Lost Mayan City In His Jammies


While most kids are using computers to play games, one 15-year-old Canadian student decided to spend his time making a landmark discovery… from home.

William Gaudery became interested in Mayan culture after their ancient calendar predicted the “end of the world” on December 21, 2012. He started looking at star charts and comparing them with known Mayan cities on Google Earth.

After searching and investigating online he was able to match up certain star charts with known cities but noticed one was missing. Looking close using Google Earth, the young man discovered outlines of large structures covered in green.

What it looks like he discovered is a true lost city. Take that Indiana Jones.

He did it all from his house in his jammies. Take that Marco Polo.

The young man wanted to confirm his discovery so he reached out to the Canadian Space Agency who provided him with more detailed satellite images. The results show that the site is all but confirmed.

The incredible discovery cannot be confirmed right away unfortunately. The location of the city is in a very remote part of the Yucatan Peninsula and will be very expensive to research.

When a team goes to the site, which William named, K’aak Chi, which means “Mouth of Fire” you, can bet the young digital explorer will be tagging along.

Way to go kid!

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