Kerry Tells Embassy Staff To “Embellish” On Iran Deal


The truth is unraveling about the Iran deal and Americans were not told the truth.

The White House used executive privilege this week and restricted a top aide from appearing before the House Oversight Committee to discuss his comments about deceiving the American people.

Now in Vienna, where most of the deal was negotiated, John Kerry spoke to the embassy’s staff and clearly doesn’t have a lot of respect for passing along factual history to our grandchildren.

“We jammed you all last year and the year before with countless meetings here. So you’ve been very, very much a part of an extraordinary journey that has produced an historic outcome, and that’s something that you can take with you forever, maybe tell – embellish it a little bit for the grandchildren, tell them how you sat in a room and got Zarif to give in to your mighty persuasion. Whatever you want, folks.

The final comments got some laughs, but the embellished idea seems to be the key word behind the Iran deal.

They embellished the power of the deal. They embellished the benefits of the deal and now they want us to embellish the importance to our grandchildren.

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