Jeb Bush’s Hilarious Photo Fail


Jeb Bush’s Super PAC sent out a mailer to 86,000 Iowans–with one glaring mistake: one of his hands belongs to a black man.

Apparently, the reported $100 million that the Super PAC, Right to Rise USA, has in the bank doesn’t mean they’re hiring the best and the brightest.

The mailer depicts Bush standing in front of a river and city skyline, wearing a blue plaid shirt with his hands on his hips.

Jeb's Photo Fail

Or, rather, someone’s hands on his hips: his back hand, partially obscured by text, is black. And it’s clear, from the shadows, that the hand in the foreground–which is white–has been recolored that way, from its original black.

It appears that Right to Rise USA literally just pasted Jeb’s head on the body of a black man.

Super PACs–which were allowed to take a more active role in campaigns thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision–have changed the way political campaigns are run. Unlike campaigns, where there’s a maximum donation of just $2,700, wealthy donors can give limitless amounts of money to Super PACs.

But, by law, these Super PACs prohibited from coordinating directly with presidential campaigns.

That means Right to Rise USA doesn’t have access to photographs of Jeb Bush that are taken specifically for the campaign–and has to improvise by, apparently, putting his face on another person’s body.

Next time, they should make sure to at least get the race right.