Jared Kusnher Filed To Vote As A Woman?

Jared Kushner
Is there something you'd like to tell us, Jared?

Jared Kushner, senior advisor and son-in-law to President Trump, is actually a woman.

At least, according to the New York State Board of Elections.

According to voter records obtained by Wired, Kushner—husband (or, maybe, “wife”) of Ivanka Trump—is actually registered to vote as a female in New York. (Kushner also listed his party affiliation as “None Declared.”)

The left is already having a field day with the botched voter registration (or the fact that Kushner might, secretly, be a woman.)

That’s right, he’s not a Democrat or a Republican, he’s just an independent woman,” said comedian Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. “But how good is that? I mean, Jared Kushner registered to vote as woman. And he used a private email server for White House business — I say, ‘Lock Her Up!’”

Comedian Samantha Bee echoed Kimmel’s joke, tweeting simply: “Lock her up.”

But not every liberal can joke about anything related to Donald Trump—or even finds the situation as comical as Kimmel or Bee do.

The Washington Post openly wondered whether Kushner checking the wrong box constituted “voter fraud” (before concluding that no, it did not.)

Brad Barnum, a spokesman for the Democratic Super PAC, American Bridge, ranted to Wired, “Kushner can’t even fill out the most basic paperwork without screwing it up, so it’s a mystery why anyone thinks he’s somehow going to bring peace to the Middle East.”

Salon, too, questioned Kushner’s ability to do his job: “Kushner’s voter registration flub won’t lead to any charges of wrongdoing – incompetence isn’t usually a crime, after all – but it does raise questions as to his ability to accomplish the lofty goals he’s been tasked with by his father-in-law. If he can’t follow instructions, how can he reinvent federal government?”

However, in classic form, the fake news media later corrected the story – with the New York City Election Board admitting to a simple filing error, which it has since corrected.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.