Jared Kushner: Nepotism Run Wild

The Kush is in the house . . . the Kush is ALWAYS in the house.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews blasted Kushner and President Donald Trump over favoritism. Bringing in the two reports from NBC News and The Washington Post that mention that Jared Kushner is allegedly under suspicion by the FBI in the ongoing Russia investigation.

On “Hardball,” this Thurday, Matthews brought up the reports and raised his voice about what a “bad idea” it was for Trump to appoint Kushner to any position at the White House.

“I think it was a bad idea to let him become an assistant to the President,” Matthews said. “I think it’s nepotism run wild.”

Wherever Trump goes, Kushner follows, he added.

“He’s making a lot of money,” Matthews noted. “He married into a lot of money … He’s in bed with that family. And the President troops him around with him.”

He also noted Kushner’s ubiquitousness and went on to question his real motivations.

“This is follow the money time,” Matthews said. “I’m watching this guy. This son-in-law. He’s a business guy. We know what he’s doing.”

He then went on to question why Kushner, an assistant to the president, was present on Trump’s international tour.

Matthews asked, “What’s he gotta see the Pope for?! What’s he standing behind Trump for at the Pope’s?! Why’s he there?”

He called Kushner’s presence “a statement to the world,” as this can clearly show Trump’s desire to have his son-in-law by his side, at all times.

“If you wanna deal with me,” he explained, “deal with him.”

This is the kind of attitude our president has, Mathew noted.

NBC and The Washington Post both were seen reporting that Kushner became the focus of the Russian investigation over the December meetings with the Russian ambassador and a banker from Moscow all due to “the extent and nature of his interactions with the Russians.”