Jared From Subway’s Story Gets Even Sicker…

Jared Fogle

The crimes of Jared Fogle, the disgraced former Subway spokesman who has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for child porn, are about as bad as anyone can imagine.

But now that his accomplice is in court for his own sentencing, even more facts are coming up–and they’re even more twisted.

Russell Taylor, who served as the executive director of Fogle’s sham nonprofit, the Jared Foundation, produced child porn for Fogle, using hidden cameras. And his lawyer’s claiming that Fogle bullied him into doing it.

Fogle controlled many aspects of Taylor’s life–making it impossible for him to refuse the spokesman’s creepy demands. According to court documents, Taylor’s lawyers claimed that “Mr. Fogle maintained control over Mr. Taylor’s job, owned the home Mr. Taylor was living in, and provided a lavish number of experiences to Mr. Taylor.”

They added that Fogle “would refer to himself as Mr. Taylor’s ‘daddy’ and there would be discussions of how much Mr. Taylor loved ‘daddy’ and reminding him that ‘daddy’ was paying for his things.”

They also claimed that Fogle would abuse Taylor in a number of ways, including forcing him eat donuts and pizza to make him sick–since Taylor is gluten intolerant.

After Fogle asked him to get “roofies”–drugs to knock children out so Fogle could have sex with them–Taylor apparently had enough, and sought out help. But, by that point, it was too late.

Like Fogle, Taylor has pled guilty to his charges. Even though Fogle appears to be the mastermind of their crimes against children, it was Taylor who took the more active role.

While Fogle received nearly 16 years in prison, Taylor received a lot more: 27 years, and a lifetime of supervision after his release. That’s less than what prosecutors recommended, but twelve years more than the minimum under federal law.

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