Ivanka Trump Slammed for Black History Month Tweet

Ivanka Trump accused of faking it with Black History Month Tweet

First Daughter and White House aide Ivanka Trump is taking heat for her recent, seemingly innocent tweet on Black History Month.

Here’s the tweet:

The majority of the hate sweeping back at Ivanka’s Black History Month tweet mainly stems from the racist claims against her father, Donald Trump, however many of the other responses stem from that fact that Ivanka is white.

Here’s just a smattering of the 2,100 comments hate-filled comments:

Foxx Lodestar: We’re surprised you just didn’t say, “I have a black friend too”

Naomi Wolf (yes THAT Naomi Wolf): Didn’t we stop calling African Americans ‘black people’ in the early 70’s?

Stuart Shipp: It speaks the words but it carries no conviction.

Randy H: I know you ran out of characters, so I’ll finish your statement for you . . “As long as they aren’t contributing to the rental list of your properties.”

The tweet by Ivanka may have also set the record for eye-rolling memes in one comment thread:

But the winner has to be this:

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