It’s All About the Open Borders, Stupid

Three major developments happened over the weekend. All bode well for President Donald Trump and that dirty word “nationalism.”

You know what “nationalism” really means? It’s pretty simple. You’re a patriot. You love your country and your family. You want to keep your children safe at night. And you don’t want your country or culture to commit mass suicide. I call that common sense.

Recently, I reported Trump-like candidates were winning all over the world. Don’t look now, but it happened again.

Nationalism routed globalism all over Europe this past weekend. Trump-like nationalist candidates swept to victories in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands.

And guess who was in the middle of it all? My friend Steve Bannon, former Trump campaign architect. Bannon was in Paris on Monday to celebrate nationalist victories across the continent. Bannon is bringing the Trump mindset to the entire world.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron’s party suffered an embarrassing defeat to nationalist Marine Le Pen.

In the U.K., Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage won a landslide victory in the EU Parliament, leading a Trump-like party that was established just six weeks ago. Amazing.
It also appears likely that Boris Johnson, the Trump-like former mayor of London, will emerge as the new prime minister of Britain.

In Italy, Matteo Salvini’s nationalist party became one of the leaders of the EU Parliament, winning an astounding 28 seats.

Bannon and new EU political stars Salvini, Le Pen, Farage and Hungary’s nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban are in talks to form a team of international nationalist leaders.
Why is this happening? To paraphrase former Bill Clinton campaign guru James Carville, it’s all about open borders, stupid.

Liberals, leftists and assorted socialists, communists and globalists have left the borders open all around the world. But the citizens of each country — at least the ones who love their country — want the borders secured.

We want walls. We want extreme vetting. We support and value immigration — but only for immigrants with talent, skills and education who will contribute and assimilate, not for immigrants who come illegally, demand welfare from cradle to grave and spew hatred at us while they plot our destruction.

The second development of the weekend was The Hill reporting that three political election experts with great track records have produced separate models for the 2020 election. All three predict a Trump reelection. Of course, they do. It’s about the open borders, stupid.
Finally, we learned last weekend that a nonprofit group, We Build the Wall — which raised more than $20 million to fund Trump’s wall — actually completed a nearly mile-long section on private land near El Paso, Texas. Private citizens built a serious border wall in a matter of days. This new wall will shut down $100,000 per day of drug smuggling.

Who led this remarkable group? Bannon, Kris Kobach and triple amputee military vet Brian Kolfage. Bravo. Proof the wall will get built — even if Trump voters have to fund it ourselves.

It’s all about the open borders, stupid.