Is Your Gay Neighbor A Serial Killer?


The definition of a serial killer is, “A person who murders three or more people, usually due to abnormal psychological gratification, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant break (a “cooling off period”) between them.”

Serial killers may be overwhelmingly male and most likely to be either black or white, but is there a connection for these men between their tendencies and their sexual behavior?

Most serial killers are seeking out a thrill. But from where does their blood lust stem? Radford University keeps a database of statistics surrounding serial killers; age, race, method of kill, location, and even IQ. Are they purposefully leaving out sexual orientation? How can a “comprehensive” database ignore that particular variable?

A publication, explores the relationship between serial killers and homosexuality. It states that just about two percent of the U.S. population identifies as homosexual and yet, another study conducted in 2003 suggests that over 43% of serial killers are homosexual. (“Homosexual Rape and Murder of Children”, published in Journal of the Family Research Institute, Vol. 18 No. 1, Feb 2003. )

How is it that such a small percentage of the population is so hugely represented when it comes to chronic perpetrators of senseless violence?

Even just as recently as last week, a gay black man murdered two people on live television in Roanoke, Virginia. He cited his race and sexual orientation as a cause for the attack. The same man who lauded those who have conducted massacres. At face value it seemed he was hoping to get some kind of revenge on the station that fired him but his intentions were more sinister than that. In a twenty three page manifesto he sent to ABC News he delves into a violent plan to incite a race war.

Even the Human Rights Campaign, a group that lobbies for the “rights” of homosexual and transexual people, cites a study conducted that shows a shocking trend of violence in intimate relationships in the LGBTQ community. It shows homosexual and bisexual men and women facing more physical and sexual violence at the hands of domestic partners than heterosexual people. Rape, stalking, and physical violence are all placed into the spectrum of violence that is being conducted at the hands of those who claim to be “sexual minorities”. Meanwhile these symptoms of violence are also eerily familiar in the behavior of serial murderers.

Though it is a disturbing trend, the LGBTQ activists will fight hard to call this penchant for violence something else. They argue that gay serial killers are deviants within a deviant community. Yet, they refuse to look at the violence plaguing their own subculture. Without an objective look into this correlation, we may be letting those who kill for lusty pleasure go by our own glance. Is protecting the feelings of those who call themselves gay really worth more death?

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