Is Trump Looking For An Exit?


The inside word yesterday was that presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump, was “depressed” after the Iowa Caucus results.

His tweets and comments to the media bolster what we’ve heard, but the latest news coming from Politico has supporters scratching their heads.

As expected, Trump is shrugging off the advice of his staff and refusing to shake up his campaign.

The billionaire’s loss in Iowa was clearly due to a lack of a ground game, yet the candidate has only one paid staffer in New Hampshire and stubbornly refuses to put in work in the state, placing false confidence in the polls that are proven to be wildly inaccurate.

To make matters worse, Trump is spending this week in campaign stops outside of New Hampshire.

While the national rallies make for great photo opportunities, Trump fails at retail politics, which is the heart of the game.

The real estate mogul also refuses to invest in data operations, instead relying on simplistic registration sites like EventBrite. Data in the political world is how a campaign rapidly increases its efficiency.

From a marketing perspective, if Trump were selling delicious, thick-cut bacon, he would be wasting his money and time trying to get vegetarians, jews, muslims and pork haters to buy his product.

Without basic voter data, Trump is wandering around in the forest looking for truffles without a pig.

The word from Trump World is that the candidate has been strongly advised to get his act together, but instead “refuses to listen to anyone” according to a confidential source.

Even if Trump were to listen to his staff, the candidate is surrounded by second stringers who weren’t picked up by the other candidates. This is not necessarily a bad thing as right-of-center consultants and politicos are, for the most part, stuck in a dated method of campaigning and mainly looking to line their own pockets.

Trump’s lack of spending while maintaining a high impact is admirable, but campaign consultants are quick to lash out and hurt the candidate . . . simply because they are not able to make any money off the mogul’s popularity.

Trump’s lack of effort in New Hampshire is troubling for supporters as it shows either an ignorance of politics or a desire to lose.

Given Trump’s acumen in business, it’s hard to fathom that the candidate could be this bad at organizing . . . if you only look at his successes.

While Donald has excelled at real estate ventures, the guy is an absolute failure in retail.

Readers may recall “Trump Natural Spring Water.”

Okay, maybe not.

How about his cologne, “Empire.”


Okay, how about the “Donald J. Trump Collection” of suits and ties?

Maybe, not.

Trump has been successful with his books, which naturally result from his relentless earned media appearances.

As for true retail capability, Trump sucks at it.

The candidate’s lack of success in retail merchandising is carrying over to his campaign. Just like product owners have to identify buyers, candidates have to identify voters.

While a large personality running for office can attract a crowd, to beat the margin of victory, a campaign has to have snipers in the trees, scouting out the voters that linger on the field.

Trump is either showing complete arrogance, or he simply doesn’t want to win.

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